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Monday, 19 November 2007

Dieting to lose weight

These days, your best choices are lean meat. Choose "loin", "round " and "extra loin". Try to avoid dark meatasit contains twice as much fat as white meat. Use skinless chicken variety. In the alternative, remove the skin off the chicken before cooking, or before serving to eat. Also, say no to chicken fingers, nuggets, and franks.Say yes to cooking chcken stuffing separately. Make sure turkey fat does not soakm into dressing. Use lean margarine or butter to prepare the stuffing.

Keep in mind that to cook healthy meat roasting, baking, grilling brasing and broiling are time-tested methods.As in turkey, to prepare avoid oil, butter or margarine.Cooking sprays should be used in the alternative, also use non-stick pans.As in meat, choose broiling, roasting, baking or steaming when preparing chicken.Avoid butter and margarine during process. Use cooking sprays in the alternative. To save calories, choose light turkey meat over dark. Skim off the fat of the gravy.

Choose a diet version of white bread, if you must eat bread. However, use whole grain as your bread choice. For seconds, choose vegetable over bread-based dishes. Avoid casseroles or those topped by butter or cheese.By choosing this option, you'll be adding more fiber to the body rather than extra calories. Try evaporated skim meat or powered variety when baking rather than milk or cream. Fondue, fruit cocktail, yogurt parfait, fresh piece of fruit are good for dessert. Avoid pie, sweets or cake.

For children, use sugar-free ice creamor non-fat frozen yogurt. Don't top sundaes with chocolate or caramel syrup. Instead, try an all-fruit spread and serve less ice-cream in smaller dishes to control portions. Keep in mind to try fat-fighting baking substitution. Use unsweetened cocoa powder to repalce unsweetened chocolate; choose graham crackers to pie crusts. Substitute ice-creamwith non-fat frozen yogurt; oil desserts with unsweetened applesauce; egg with egg white.

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